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HOW TO INCREASE INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS FOR GENUINE USERS: Instagram is a social media networking platform where you can share your photos and videos. You can interact with the world through Instagram. Nowadays being “Insta famous” is like being a celebrity. If you wish to be an “Insta famous”, you have to increase your Instagram followers. It’s not that easy to increase Instagram followers. If you follow the right path you will be able to achieve your target easily.


   Here are 10 ways to increase Instagram followers and to become a celebrity on Instagram.

  1. Follow other popular profiles.

The very basic step to gain followers is to like, comment and follow other popular profiles. If you wish to get relevant followers, make sure you like, comment and follow people within your industry.

  1. Post-high-quality pictures and videos.

Your post has to be visual and super emotional so that people will be bonding to your content and they keep following you.

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  1. Make your captions more descriptive.

Even if the post is an attractive one, it alone won’t help in hitting the target. You must add relevant captions so that it describes the post clearly and beautifully.

  1. Use hashtags.

Along with your caption add three or four popular hashtags. Use hashtags to tell part of your story to your audience.

  1. Make use of your bio URL.

Update your bio regularly. Add clickable links on your bio to drive people to your latest and popular contents.

  1. You must have a unique Instagram style.

In Instagram, if you wish to get more followers and become famous, you must stand out rather than trying to fit in. You have to earn your own style to attract people to your profile.

  1. Submit your content to other Instagram accounts.

It’s a great way to get tagged by other popular accounts that have more followers than you and some of those followers will come back to your profile and start following you.

  1. Tag others on your post.

You can gain followers on Instagram also by tagging others on your every post.

  1. Calls to action.

Remember that your every post must have a call to action to increase the curiosity in your audience mind. Along with the post and caption, ask your followers to check your bio for a link to find out more.

  1. Don’t simply focus on Instagram.

You must have multiple social media networking sites. You should keep developing your friend circle.

Updated: August 20, 2020 — 6:22 am

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