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How to improve the performance of an Android phone

How to improve the performance of an Android phone

Today, Most of the people are using Android device because of it so comfortable for users. Kids to the aged person everyone is the part of it. Smartphones are now an important factor in our daily lives. Internet, Google, Facebook, Whatsapp, Smartphone game apps etc are the main reason for increasing its population in India and the whole world. When we using a smartphone we should aware of its pros and cons. And make sure how to overcome its cons.


Day to day new smartphones are launched in the market. And you also try to upgrade to the latest technology. So buying new Smartphones. After completing its warranty period lots of smartphones getting hang and shows lots of problems. If you use the correct way, the phone does not make you disappointed. A smartphone user should know some important things here I explain. Just take some steps it may improve your device performance as well.

1. Update your Android OS
Always update your Android OS to the latest version. So you can get new features and also can up-to-date the security patches. So you can always use your smartphone in the safe zone.

2. Always Make Space in your Device
If you have much enough space on your device it seems a healthy condition. RAM usage is also a part of device performance.

3. Always install apps from Trusted Sources
In the case of Android smartphone, Google Play Store is the main market for us to install apps. Always install apps from trusted sources like Google Play Store to avoid the installation of harmful apps. Because unwanted apps may harm your device.

4. Clear Cache
Clear Cached data always and make your device memory in a perfect condition.

5. Uninstall the Unwanted Apps.
When you buy a new Android device you can see lots of pre-installed apps. Some of them may be not useful for us. You can check the details of your installed app on settings and find the unused apps and uninstall it. Because some of the apps may work in the background and kill your battery life.

6. Keep Fewer Widgets.
Widgets are active at all the time so if you use fewer widgets you can improve the performance of your device.

7. Update Apps
Always update your apps, you can enjoy new feature of the app. Also, every time apps fix it bugs in new updates.

Updated: March 23, 2018 — 7:42 pm

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