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How to Check a Smartphone is real or Fake?

Nowadays everyone using smartphones. It has a major role in our life. From morning to the night we are using smartphones for different jobs. For calling someone, messaging, browsing something on the Internet, Banking, Capturing lovable moments we use our personal smartphone. So always we searching for a smartphone that keeps the better quality. We can buy good quality smartphones with our budget. Think, after many research, you brought a new costly smartphone and that is a fake one, what is your reaction? Today lots of peoples are facing this issue. You can’t identify the smartphone is a fake one or the real one in your first view. Now, here I’m sharing something important that will help you to check your personal smartphone is a real thing or a fake one.


Fake smartphones seem like a real one, but it never has a quality processor, camera and all the specifications are not same as the real one. We can identify some fake smartphones with its external appearance like misplacing button and its size, weight, etc. But some other fake smartphones are hard to identify with external appearance. First check the brand name is perfect, some fake smartphones show its brand name like Samsvng, Nokla. People usually never mind this kind of things in their smartphones. Some reports say, most copied smartphones brands are Samsung, iPhone, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, etc.

How to check a Smartphone is a Fake or Real one

Check Smartphone Hardware: I already said that a fake phone never holds a quality processor, it made with some cheap products but we can’t identify with it external look. So make sure all the hardware works fine. Toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and any other features on and off.

Test front and back cameras are working perfect and it provides the quality as per it mentioned on device specification.

If you are buying an Android device, you can check model, manufacturer and more information about the device with an Application named  CPU-Z. It is available on Google Play Store.

The next tip is, check device IMEI number, it will tell you the model associated with it. Dial *#06# and check your IMEI number. IMEI stands for ‘ International Mobile Equipment Identity”, It is a 15-digit number. The 7th and 8th digit numbers will ensure your phone’s quality. That shows the phone where manufactured.

  • 7th and 8th digit show 01 or 10 – Manufactured in Finland which is high quality.
  • 7th and 8th digit show 13 – it is assembled in Azerbaijan which is too bad.
  • 7th and 8th digit show 02 or 20 – That means it assembled in Emirates which is very poor quality. Some Indian handset has also this number.
  • 7th and 8th digit show 03 or 30 or  04 or 40:  It shows the device is made in China but its quality is good.
  • 7th and 8th digit show 05 or 50: The device is manufactured in Brazil or USA or Finland.
  • 7th and 8th digit show 06 or 60: The device is manufactured in Hong Kong or China or Mexico.

You can check your device quality easily with these methods.

Updated: July 24, 2019 — 6:22 pm

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