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How to secure your rooted android device


Normally we install antiviruses to save  from malware, trojans etc. The users may not know the about the antivirus software. Because most of the people are installing an unauthorized app which will hack your data and files on your Device. So please stop to install the unauthorized app . And try to Install  useful android apps. Following  is the guidelines to  secure your rooted android devices.


1. Install Antiviruses 

The best way to protect your data from stealing By installing antivirus software you can  protect your android device. Use authorized or known antivirus on your  device to protect from malware and other trojans etc…  So, most important thing is  that you must install antivirus on your device.

2. Don’t install an Unauthorized  app

Don’t install an Unauthorized  app which means do not install third party app. It will bring some virus or malware along with it so we will always advise you that not to install or download unauthorized apps. Initially, it gives pleasure, but later it is harm to your device. The publisher  can identify the unauthorized app from the  users. You can identify the app the reading review of each app.

3. Avoid Tapping  Anonymous  Link.

You may  not notice, different Links in the form of ads  or emails.   then don’t  click on such ads or links. This  will affect your  lapse of your device. So that we   advise  you to avoid tapping  on Anonymous links with your rooted Android  device . Android device as it is easy to be hacked or harmed.

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4. Install Android Device Manager

The Android Device Manager is a basic app. It will strictly require securing the data  on your android phone from others approach. It is also helped to track the data which is stolen from your Android device. It is absolutely a free app. It secures from different attempts.

Updated: June 17, 2017 — 12:07 pm

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