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About GST

Now, the word GST have an important role in our daily life. Because this is not a single word for every Indians. The word GST refered as Goods and Services Tax. This year 2017, the GST revolutionized in the Indian taxation system. The GST act passed in Lok Sabha on 29th march 2017, and it effects from 1st July , 2017. The GST council approved four main tax slabs that are 5%, 12%, 18% and 28% onwards. The lower tax rate 5% for essential items and the higher rate tax percent 28% for the luxury items. It results less consumption of money for the items used by common people.Lots of GST Rate Finder apps are available in markets. You can accure lots of informations about these kind of apps.


The GST is a destination based consumption tax. And GST would apply to both goods and services except few things. GST to be levied by the Centre on intra‐State supply of goods or services would be called the Central GST (CGST) and that to be levied by the States would be called the State GST (SGST). However when we throughly studied it we can see that the base and other essential design features would be common between CGST and SGST, across SGSTs for the individual States.

Most of the peoples have no good awareness about GST. So some hotels, restaurants etc are missused this illness. Here I including an app named GST Rate Finder. It may helps you to improve your skills about GST.

GST Rate Finder App – Official


It is the official android application to find GST Rates and informations about Goods and Services. The app developed by Central Board of Excise and Custom. The app is currently available on Google Play Store with good user reviews.
With GST Rate Finder app, you can search through the various goods and services and their respective GST Rates and details. Also, you can search the entire list or respective categories of taxes for Goods and Services. You can simply download the application from Google Play Store.

Updated: November 6, 2017 — 6:40 pm

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