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Best Way to Collect Google Pay Diwali Stamps and get Rs. 251

This year, the beautiful Diwali festival ended. But the festival games still continued for Google pay users. In this Diwali, Google Pay conducted a special game for its users. Users need to collect 5 different Diwali stamps to win the game. If a user wins the game, he/she definitely get Rs.251. And have the chance to win Rs. 1 lakh. Within a few days, the game goes viral. And many users participated in the Google Pay Diwali game. But most of the users face difficult to earn the 5th Diwali stamp Rangoli. Google Pay extended the date to November 11, 2019. So still you have time to earn the Diwali stamp. Today here I’m sharing some tips to earn Rangoli Stamp and win Google Pay game.


The stamps are given out randomly and you can collect them in three different ways with Google Pay. The first method is by sending money or doing recharges or bill payments through Google Pay, the second method is through the Diwali scanner, and the third method is receiving from your friends. As per game rules, you can collect 5 stamps per one method in a day. That means if you have done 5 transactions via google Pay in a day, you will get 5 stamps. For P2P payments, you can collect only one stamp per unique Google Pay user daily. The stamps were given out randomly, so you may not all stamps. Then you can test another method to collect the remaining stamp.

Use Diwali scanner, In this method, you need to scan a Diwali related thing like Diya ( Lights ). The last method is gift stamps. Also, you can ask for Stamps to Friends. You can collect 15 stamps in a day. with a five stamps per collection method. You can test all these methods daily. Try more, you can win the game. It’s easy. If you made transactions, you can collect stamps as well as scratch cards.

The residents in Tamilnadu did not have the chance to participate in this game. Also, the users not eligible for this offer if they already earned more than 9000 via google pay offers.

Updated: November 6, 2019 — 7:15 pm

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