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How to Change Google Maps Voice Navigation Language

Google Maps, a well-known map application. Are you using this? if you are using Google Maps, you will know its features. Google always tries to add the best features in Google Maps that help travelers to easying their travel needs. When we travel somewhere, Google Maps will help us to know the best routes and It will save time and money. Google Maps has a feature that allows users to change voice navigation language. We can set Google Maps voice navigation language as our native language. This is really a helpful feature, but as of now lots of users does not aware of it.  This feature will help us to get Google Maps driving directions our preferred language.


Most times, Google Maps shows the accurate and shortest path to our destination. As an Android user, I’m really happy with the Google Maps app. It provides real-time GPS navigation, traffic, public transport info, and explore more needed information like restaurants, hotels, tour places, etc. We are very much comfortable in our native language. If you set Google Maps navigation language as Malayalam or any other language, you can receive Google Maps driving directions in the Malayalam language.

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If you are an Android user, here I will share with you the way to set your Google Maps language as your native language. The option is quite simple. You just open the Google Maps settings, you can see the option to change the language under navigation settings. Follow the below steps to set Google maps voice navigation language as your native language, for example, Malayalam.  And go through the Google Maps driving directions.

Google Maps Android

  • Google Maps app is a pre-installed app on all Android devices.
  • So, First, Open the Google Maps app on your Android Smartphone.
  • Then, go to app settings ( Tap on Menu icon Then tap on settings, it will navigate you to the settings page.).
  • After that, tap on Navigation settings
  • On Navigation Settings, you can see the option to select your preferred voice. Tap on Voice selection, here you can see the list of available voice languages.
  • Voice language is English in default. So choose your preferred language and save it. That’s all.

Google Maps is a useful application for all smartphone users. Try its exciting features and grab the benefits. Try it Now!

Updated: June 4, 2020 — 5:41 pm

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