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Google Maps App Recently Get Commute Tab and Music Controls Features

Google Maps App Recently Get Commute Tab and Music Controls Features

In our Journey of Life, we have to achieve lots of things. In our childhood, we have lots of beautiful dreams. After we grown up, we may forget some of our childhood dreams. But some other dreams are still alive in our heart. That Kind of a dream is Travel. Everyone loves to travel around the world. When we consider the people in the whole world, may 5-10 percentage of people only achieve this dream. Most of them fail because of the struggles in their life. In this age, we have a much better technology and great technology innovations. Considering traveling, we have many sources available to reduce the difficulties in traveling. The main Travel assistant is a map, everyone taken as the popular Google Map is the best travel assistant of them. Today, here I’m sharing the recently added feature of Google Map. Google Maps App recently get new commute tab and music controls features. Let’s go for the detail.


In Google Maps app, Google recently added new commute tab and music controls features. This new features are available on both Android and iOS platforms. This enables you to get the live status of your travel planning vehicles like Bus or Train. In the case of Drivers, they will also be able to use the commute tab to see if they’ll need to plan extra travel time for accidents, heavy traffic or road construction. In delays, the Google Maps will offer alternative routes as well. Drivers will get the information as notifications about delays during their trip in real-time. You will get the features in the new updated version of Google Map.


The another newly added feature is Music controls. While using Google Map, you can play the music. You did not have to exit the app for playing music. Google integrated music streaming apps like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play Music into Google Maps so that users can control their music directly from the Google Maps navigation.

With this new feature, you can avoid the traffic tensions. The real-time vehicle status helps you to plan your journey in a better way. You can easy to manage your time, you don’t want to waste your time to wait for the bus or train.

Updated: October 7, 2018 — 5:59 pm

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