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Google Assistant App New features revealed

Google Assistant App

Google Assistant App is a small and useful app developed by Google. It is one of the good product from Google. In the case of the Android operating system, the Google Assistant app is a part of the Google Search App and Google Play Services. But in iOs, it is a separate app. Google Assistant in its first time, it widely available, as part of the Google Allo messenger app. Today, the Google Assistant App appears on the Google Play Store with some great new Assistant features.


This new report first revealed the team Android Police. They describe the feature in their report is, “Back at I/O 2017, Google showed off a new feature where users could send money to each other using Google Assistant. It used a new ‘Pay with Google’ API that allowed apps to access payment info stored in a user’s Google account (once the user grants permission). Now we might finally see this in action.”.


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That means making the transaction with Assistant. From this week, the developers will be able to submit Assistant apps that perform transactions. The app can add items to the cart through the contact with the user and after completing the shopping, the user can choose the payment information to send to the app to complete the purchase.


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The other good feature is Assistant for Families/Children. Google announced that a few new abilities for Assistant is focused on families/children’s. The functionality is same as Apps for families. Apps for Families have to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) in the United States. So currently, it limiting these to the United States.


Next one is Google Assistant templates, that is the feature is Templates. The user can able to make Assistant games without any coding Skill.

Source: Android Police

Currently available features of Google Assistant mentioned on Google Play Store

  • Make quick phone calls on the go
  • Send text messages
  • Set reminders
  • Take a selfie
  • Set calendar events
  • Play music
  • Navigate places
  • Weather information
  • Receive updates on the latest news.
Updated: October 6, 2017 — 5:07 am

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