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Check this Smartphone Features When Buying a Smartphone

Check this Smartphone Features When Buying a Smartphone

The smartphone is an essential element in our life. New smartphones are launching every week with mind-blowing smartphone features. When we watch smartphones ads, we really love the product. That much of marketing can influence our mind. When you buying a smartphone, you should check some smartphone features here I explain. First of all, you should think about your needs. Today smartphone companies are forcing the customers to purchase smartphones using their ads. Because the companies release that much attractive ads and offers. If you are a traveler, you should need the phone having good battery life. Like that, think your use of Smartphone and purchase a best one.


In the case of Smartphones, Android, iOS (iPhone), and Windows that are the major Operating Systems. And Most of them prefers Android and iPhone. Android Phones integrated with Google services, and it have the ability to customized. Also, Android Phones seems at the lower cost. When we choose iPhone, its main features are ease of use, security and clean integration with other Apple products. But iPhones are expensive than Android Phones. In India, People buying Android Phones more than iPhones. Because we can buy an Android phone within our budget. We can buy a good quality Android phone less than Rs. 10000/-.

Some Smartphone Features You will check before buying a Smartphone

1. Good performance

Everyone wants this feature on their smartphone. For that, you should consider the Processor and the RAM specifications. A Processor can deliver speed and power efficiency. In the case of the Android phone, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 is currently the best Processor as to consider. Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 or Snapdragon 820/821 also good. And RAM recommended is 4GB. But that much RAM not requires for an iPhone.

These specifications need for a heavy smartphone user. They may have to edit images/videos/documents online, play heavy games, stream videos or often use apps in split-screen mode etc. But if you are a light user, MediaTek processors are also good for you.

2.Battery Life

Now, the removable batteries very rare, so we should consider Battery Capacity. In smartphone specification, you can see battery capacity indicated in mAh. The screen size, resolution and software are also affected the Battery life of a Smartphone.

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3. Camera

Nowadays people more considering Smartphone Cameras. But a good percentage of people does not have good knowledge about smartphone cameras. Most of them believe highest megapixels cameras are good and better. But in the case of the camera, we should check several specifications like the camera aperture, ISO levels, pixel size, autofocus etc. Experts say that a photographer enthusiast might want a camera with 12 or 16MP sensor under f/2.0 or lower aperture for speedy shots even in low lights. A casual shooter can go by even with an 8MP 0r 12MP camera with f/2.0-f/2.2 aperture.

4. Storage

Now, Most of the Android Smartphones comes up with an Internal storage of 16GB/32GB/64GB. If you don’t need more apps on your device, you can buy a 32GB storage phone. But you need to keep the larger number of apps, media files on your smartphone, Buy a 64GB or 128GB variants. If you have less usage, you can also buy a 16GB model as well.

These are the major parts you should consider when you buying a new smartphone. Also check some other important factors like OS version, Audio/speakers, Headphone jack/USB port, extra features, Display resolution, Screen size, Design etc.

Updated: May 12, 2018 — 8:55 am

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