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GB WhatsApp is safe or Not?

GB WhatsApp is safe or Not?

First of all, I just explain what is GB WhatsApp for the people who are unaware of GB WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp is an Android application similar to WhatsApp, but have some additional features that are not present in official WhatsApp application. It is a very popular application and lots of people using it. But it not available in the Google Play Store. Earlier, the main difference of the app was its custom look. Users are able to customize the app theme as their preference. With other features, this app allows people to hide the Blue ticks, preview image/video without loading, send a broadcast message to 600 people at once, and send 90 images at once and more extra features.


Like GB WhatsApp, a WhatsApp Plus app also exists earlier, but its users were often blocked by the official WhatsApp. So people more considering this app because it brings more features than WhatsApp plus without getting users banned. But there is no sure that your WhatsApp account will always safe using this kind of applications. Because it is a copied version of the official WhatsApp.

Here are the reasons why you should not use GB Whatsapp.

The Whatsapp is not an open-source platform. That means WhatsApp does not provide its source code. So nobody can access the original code and be making a few changes to launch it as a separate product. GB WhatsApp is cloned version of official WhatsApp application and there are lots of chances to steal your information by adding a few extra lines of code.

GB WhatsApp is not available in Google Play Store. People downloading its Apk version from other non-trusted sources. Maybe this application violates Google Play Store Policies, or it does not pass the security checks of Google Play Protect. Or may have chances to present malicious code in its source that spies on you.

If you are really care about your privacy, don’t use this kind of clone apps.And always use apps from trusted sources like Google Play Store.

Updated: July 27, 2018 — 4:21 pm

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