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Find My Device – A Google App for finding lost device

Find Phone easily With Find My Device App

Find My Device, a great app for finding the lost device. It returns the accurate result if you find your phone with this app. You can find phone with this improved Android Device Manager, Find My Device. It helps you to locate your lost Android device easily.

Today, Smartphone is an essential device for every people. Everyone buy great branded phones and it so costly. The one important case is that the costly products have more chance to steal. And the other case is that the data we stored in our Android device. Everyone stored their important data within their personal smartphone for easy access. So, there is a chance to steal these data or device. Here, the Find My Device app is really helpful for you. It helps to keep your data as very safe and secure.

The Find My Device app is currently available on Google Play Store with good user review. The app contains good user interface. So users can easy to use this application.


In case you just forgot your phone from a public place, you can use the Find My Device app to locate your phone. The app is useful in several situations. It’s really easy to use,

  • First, Install the Find My Device app on your android device.
  • Just sync it with your Google Account.
  • Also turn on your location always on your phone. Because Find My Device used GPS to track your phone, so you just need to enable the location services.
  • If you lost your phone, first you access to the Find my Device website
  • Sign in with your Google account and find your device if it visible.
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With Find My Device you can secure your device remotely, That is you can lock your device with Find My Device app from anywhere.

For that, Follow these easy steps.

  • Find and locate your phone on Find My Device App.
  • Then, Enter a message and phone number that you want to display on the lock screen of your phone
  • Then tap on the Lock icon.

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If your phone is close by you and you did not see it, You can play a sound to discover your device with the help of Find My device App.

  • Locate your phone on Find My Device ( from another device)
  • Tap Play Sound.
  • Then your device will start ringing.
  • The sound will help you to track your device,
  • Also, you can hit the power button to stop the sound.



Updated: October 5, 2017 — 6:46 pm

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