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Easy Learning English – Basic English For Beginners

Learning is a step by step process. We can’t learn everything in this universe within our life span. Usually, we are trying to learn something very useful in our life. In that case, language is a precious thing we all need in our life. Without communication, we are nothing. To live a beautiful life, we need to communicate with others. English is the only language that recognized the world.


We can communicate with English anywhere in this world. For the official purpose, most people need to know the English language. The importance of the English language is increasing day by day. In this new generation, we should learn the English language. There are lots of ways available for easy learning the English language. Today here I’m sharing an Android application named Basic English for Beginners. It helps people to learn English easily. Let’s know more about this application.

Easy learning English App – Basic English for Beginners

Basic English for Beginners is an Android application. Currently available in Google Play Store with good user reviews. Start your learning from scratch. This application helps you to understand and easy learning English. With this application, you can learn English from the beginning in an easy step by step way. Once you complete this course, you will be able to speak and understand the English language at a basic level.

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Basic English for Beginners application released in 2016, and last updated in February 2019. As per Google Play Store records, this app has 1 million downloads and 4.7 ratings.

The Basic English for Beginners app following the different way of style. It uses images, audio files, and helpful recording features in an organized step by step manner to make sure everyone can learn basic English. You will get the entire course including in this app with free of cost. But the app contains ads. It has a good user-friendly interface. So you can use it easily and practice English learning.

Updated: November 1, 2020 — 7:07 pm

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