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Datally – Data saving app Powered by Google

Have you heard any data saving app? We considered mobile data as a valuable thing in our day to day life. Because, we need mobile data for browsing, gaming, messaging and anything do it in online. If you want an app to save and control the usage of your mobile data, then use Datally. If you search, you will get lots of mobile application to manage mobile data. For Android, here I’m sharing this application. Datally is one of the best application used to save mobile data, The app powered by the search giant Google. Let’s see more about this application.

Datally: data saving app by Google

Datally is an Android app for saving mobile data. Currently, the application is available in Google Play Store with good user reviews. Datally app powered by Google. You can find the app under the Tools category of apps on Play Store. The app provides you the features to save, manage, and share your mobile data. After the entry of Reliance Jio, people start using mobile data widely. Before the launch of Reliance Jio telecom operator, a common man using 1GB or 1.5GB data in a month. But now most of the people using that 1GB or 1.5GB in a single day. First-time Jio offers free data, so people start using Jio because of the data benefits. To survive in the telecom industry, the other telecom operators are also down their data charges. But now the data charges are increased than before.


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Nowadays people more using video streaming apps like Youtube, Hotstar, etc. It consumes more data than other apps. Because downloading or playing videos needs more data. If you have a data saving app, we can manage the use of mobile data. We can control the data usage of background apps, Save a little data for important purposes, share data to friends and family, set a limit to the data provided for the hotspot, see usage history, trends over time, and per-app usage, etc.

Features of Datally app

  • Using Datally, you can save mobile data by blocking background data and unwanted notifications. You can block background data for some apps and allow for others.
  • It Automatically turns off mobile data at night.
  • Option to save some amount of data for later.
  • You can see which apps use the most data and control overall usage.
  • You can see your data usage including usage history, trends over time, and per-app usage.
  • Real-time data usage statistics
  • Set a daily data limit
  • Share Data to friends and family.
  • Set a limit for the amount of data your friends can use from your hotspot. Get a reminder or just turn the hotspot off when the limit is reached.
  • Limit the amount of data friends or family can use when they borrow your phone.
Updated: April 27, 2019 — 8:15 pm

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