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Convert pdf to editable word free with Google Drive

PDF ( portable document format ) is a file format and a file extension developed by Adobe in the 1990s. PDF files are very useful because we can be viewed and printed the file as same on any device. We can open a PDF file in Web browsers, Adobe’s official Acrobat Reader, third-party apps, etc. Limited options are available to edit a PDF file if it stays in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat has the ability to edit the PDF files, but we need to buy Adobe Acrobat Pro, It’s a costly option. So we need to get another option. Before you think for an edit option, just think how we create a PDF file. Usually, we are creating PDF files from a doc. We can copy the contents from a PDF file, so we can create another doc file using this copying content. Or we can convert PDF file to doc file. Today here I’m sharing an easy way to convert pdf to editable word free.


How to Convert PDF Editable Word free

If you search on Google, you will get the link of some third-party apps and websites that providing options to convert PDF files into Doc file. But we can’t trust to share our document with any third-party app. But we have a trusted option is available. That is Google. Google Drive has an option to convert PDF files to word. Let’s know how to convert PDF files to word with the help of Google Drive.

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Follow the Below Steps to Convert PDF Files to Doc with the Help of Google Drive

  • First, Open in your web browser.
  • Sign in with your Google account.
  • After logged in, you can see its home page. At the top right side of the page, you can see a Gear icon.
  • Just click on the Gear icon and choose Settings.
  • Google Drive providing many options in its settings panel. You just need to enable the Convert uploads option by checking the checkbox right of the option.
  • Then click on Done button.
  • Now you upload a PDF file you need to convert to the doc.
  • When the process of uploading completes, click on the file to open it.
  • After opting the file, you will have an option at the top ‘ Open with Google Docs ‘.
  • Click on the option and open the converted doc file in Google Docs.
Updated: September 30, 2020 — 9:13 am

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