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Reducing Instagram followers? How to check who unfollowed on Instagram

How to check who unfollowed on Instagram: Instagram, the popular social media platform owned by Facebook. We sharing posts as images, videos, sharing stories etc. Instagram helps us to grow our business, we can promote our brand through Instagram. As a person, you can build your own unique Instagram account and share your thoughts. Still, this popular social media platform has lacks of features. Instagram does not provide an option to check who is unfollowed our account. We can’t force people to follow us. If anyone unfollowed you, it’s their own decision and we should accept it. But lots of Instagram users following other peoples to get follow back. When the person is following back, then they will unfollow it. This is like cheating. If Instagram providing an option to check someone is unfollowing you, this is a benefit to track this kind of cheating.


How to check who unfollowed on Instagram

If you want to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram, then you manually going through your list of followers. It will be a time-consuming task. So here I’m sharing an Android application. That will help you to easily get the Instagram analytics information including unfollowed list, followers list, etc. The app named Follower Analyzer for Instagram. Let’s know more about this application.

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Follower Analyzer for Instagram

Follower Analyzer for Instagram is an Android application, currently available on Google Play Store. So you can free to download it from the Google Play Store. Just remember one thing before you install an application on your device, download apps only from trusted sources. Google Play Store is the best source to download apps for android users. An Instagram analyzer application needs to get access to Instagram data. So only use trusted applications.

The follower Analyzer for the Instagram app seems to be a good application. Over 5 million thousands of Android users downloaded this application from Google Play Store and more than 1 lakh people rated, the app has an average rating of 4.1 stars on Google Play Store. App powered by Maximo Lab. The app size is 5.9M.


Features of Follower Analyzer for Instagram App listed Below

  • With this app, you can check who unfollowed you on Instagram and who is not following you back, track new followers
  • To know followers who liked your posts
  • Track followers who commented on your posts
  • Top liked and top commented posts
  • Top watched video
  • View people who are tagged often in your post and more
Updated: July 10, 2020 — 4:55 am

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