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How to check if your Android smartphone has a spy app, anti spy mobile free is an Option

How to check if your Android smartphone has a spy app, anti spy mobile free is an Option

Today, technology really developed like that the risk factors also increased. We use smartphones for our personal and office use. In our Android device, we use many applications for our needs. From morning to evening we need the help of smartphones for everything. It is one of the most important things in our life. At the same time smartphones having so many risk elements. We storing our confidential data in our personal smartphones for easy access. If anyone tries to hack our mobile phone, they can access our data stored on the device. In the case of Android devices, hackers use spy apps to steal your data. If you’re worried about Spy apps installed on your device. We have several ways to check the presence of a spy app on our device. Anti spy mobile free is an app helps to check spy apps presence in our device.


First of all, you should be aware of Spy Apps. What is known as a spy app, and what are the functions they do it on our device?

What is a spy app?

A spy app is an application which is installed on our smartphone without our permission. We can’t see the app icon in the application list on our device. It is hidden from our view. So we can’t uninstall it that way. Spy apps are runs in the background, silently stealing all your information.

A spy app can send our Call logs, SMS logs, Call Recordings, Location details in every minutes, It gets all Pictures from our Gallery (Included WhatsApp, Facebook downloaded pictures, screenshots etc), It can lock our smartphone, change our pin/password of mobile phone etc.

In the case of Android phones, it allows all of these features. But iPhones do not allow it. iPhone needs to be Rooted for work these features on it. The spy apps never available on Play Store. Because this kind of apps violating Google Play Policy. But Android Devices allows users to install apps from other sources also. If user unchecked the Allow installation only from trusted sources option on Settings then they can install any app from anywhere. For installing the spy app on your device, the hacker needs just 12-15 minutes. So we should take care our device always.

We are living in a society. So we have friends and enemies in our life. Your enemies may try to steal your data with the help of spy apps. Also, some peoples do such things for earn money. We can never stop them. But we can protect us.

How to check the device has a spy app

  • In the case, your device battery is draining more fast than usual, a spy app could be running in the background.
  • If your phone continuously feels warm, spy app could be running in its background.
  • While you calling to someone, there is any noise appears in your communication. It may have the chances to some other person might be listening to your call.
  • Check your phone’s network usage.
  • We can check it with the help of an anti-spyware application.

Anti Spy Mobile Free – anti-spyware application.

Anti Spy Mobile is an anti-spyware application available on Google Play Store. When you install AntiSpy Mobile on your device, then it will instantly let you know if there’s any spy app functioning on your phone already. Also, it blocks the installation of new spy apps on your device. If you are worried about spy apps. Just install this app and check to resolve it.

Updated: May 18, 2018 — 11:51 am

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