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How to Check Parking using Google Maps

How to Check Parking using Google Maps: Traveling is a passion for some people. Everyone loves to travel. But there are lots of difficulties we have to face during our travel. One of the main things is the parking. If we using our own vehicle, we need to park it safely. But it difficult to find the parking space in our destinations. Most of the people using Google Maps to find the best route, traffic, weather, nearest things and information about the destination. Google Maps also providing parking space information as well. So you can use Google Maps to find the best parking area in your destination. So you can easy to plan your trip. Let’s know how to use Google Maps to find the parking space at your destinations.


How to Check Parking using Google Maps

Below I will share with you the step by step guide. Before proceeding with the steps, you should know one thing, Google Maps does not tell you exactly where the parking is currently available, it just alerts that at this location, the parking is not easy to find. let’s know how to check parking using google maps.

  • Open your Google Maps application in your device.
  • Enter your destination name at the Maps search bar.
  • Then, tap on the ‘Direction’ button from the bottom
  • Slide up the bottom bar where you see the ‘Start’ button or tap on Steps & More icon places beside of Start button.
  • There will be a ‘P’ symbol. That stating ‘Parking is usually not easy near this destination.’

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To find the parking information using Google Maps, you should have an active internet connection in your device. And also this feature is available in the latest version of Google Maps. So you should update your app if in an old version. The next thing is, you should enable your device location.

Google Maps Android

Usually, people facing parking issues if they are traveling using cars. Just enter your destination address and start the directions. Once the directions page is showing the route map with the estimated time and traffic details, tap in the bottom bar to expand it. Here you can see a P icon in a circle saying the parking status of that location.

Do the same for the web version. Just enter the destination in the search bar and choose from the location as well. Then click on the direction. It will show the map and at its left side, you can see the additional options include Parking. Just click on the P icon. Then the map will show you the available parking areas.

Updated: August 13, 2020 — 4:26 am

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