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How to know a mobile phone is fake or real

How to know a fake mobile phone

If you are worried about your phone? If it is fake mobile phone or not. Today, lots of mobile phone users are in confusion. If their device is fake or not. Nowadays, we face lots of security issues against our personal mobile phone, computer, data etc. Now, lots of costly mobile phones are available in the market. And a good percentage of mobile phone users are used expensive mobile phones. If you check in social media, you can see one of a feed about the fake mobile phone issues.I just heard a news about this issue, it was a person who buys an iPhone X mobile phone. We all know that iPhone X is very expensive. But the buyer was fooling him. Because it was not a real iPhone X phone. It was a fake version or we can call it as a “Clone” or “Premium Copy” of iPhone X.


They made it same as iPhone X. It really looks like iPhone X. you cannot identify them by just checking the materials used on the phone, but even then, there’s always a difference. Ok, Now let’s see how to check your phone is real or fake.

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Check your phone with this steps and confirm it is a fake mobile phone or not

Most of the expensive phones are made with high-quality materials. If you can possible to compare with your handset with an original one. Then you can see any difference between those phones if your device is fake. If you can’t identify it with this comparison, you just search the materials used for the cell phone on its official website.
For example, you checked the materials used on the phone. And the website says its screen is made of glass. If the screen of the handset you have is made of plastic, there is a possibility that it’s a fake mobile phone.

Check the specification of the phone on the box. It is a good method to find your handset is real or fake. You can find the product specification on the back of the box of the phone. If the box was missing, you can get the specification details of the phone on its official website or other shopping sites like Amazon or Flipkart( If the phone is available on these sites for sale. ). If you get the specification details then go to Settings > About phone and compare with the specification. If it doesn’t match, it’s possible your phone is a fake.

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If your phone is an iPhone, just check the software on your phone. iPhone clones are not Java capable and use Android as their OS. The clone manufacturer cannot use iOS because it’s Apple-exclusive. And if you see Google Play on your phone, it definitely a clone because iPhone has the iTunes App Store, not Google Play. And iPhone is connected to iTunes, and you must have an iCloud account to allow synchronization from your phone.

You also have another two good methods to find your phone is fake or not by checking with the serial number and IMEI number of the phone.

How to check the serial number of iPhone

  • To get an iPhone’s serial number, go to Settings > General > About phone.
  • Once you get the serial number, input it here: It will check your phone’s warranty period.
  • If the system says “We’re sorry, but this serial number is not valid. Please check your information and try again,” it is likely that your iPhone is fake.

How to check the serial number of iPhone

  • If you are an Android user, you can check IMEI of your phone. For that just dial *#06# on your handset to display your IMEI.
  • Once you get the IMEI, go to Input your phone’s IMEI in the box and hit “CHECK.”
  • The system will verify the phone’s information. If it displays information different from the handset, then your handset might be fake.
Updated: November 24, 2017 — 6:12 pm

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