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Brain Training Application for Android Users

Improve Your Memory Power – Brain Training Apps

Are you thinking about brain Training? We can’t assume our brain capacity. The human brain is such an amazing thing. But actually, most of the human beings are not think about that. And waste their whole life. We can increase the capacity and potential of our Brain through brain training. We have lots of ways for brain training through games, puzzles, natural habits, Brain training apps etc. Here I suggest an android application for Brain Training. After the training, you can measure the capacity of your Brain. And also increase it by brain training programmes included in this Brain Training Application.


Brain Training

Brain Training is an Android application developed by App Holdings. Currently, the application is available in Google Play Store and listed under the category Puzzle. So all the Android users can easily install it from Google Play Store. The app contains 15 Brain training games such as Multitasking brain training, Quick Search brain training, Math brain training, Focus brain training, Colors Vs Brain, Memory Power Training, Left Brain Vs Right Brain, Remember Faces, Concentration, Quick Decision, Grid Memory Challenge, Listening Memory, Word Memory Challenge, Concentration Plus.

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More than 5 million peoples currently using this application worldwide. Users have really loved the interesting games included in this brain training application. Let’s see the details of the game.

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Multitasking brain training: Multitasking is not so easy for everyone. But you can improve it by doing this simple game. Questions will be displayed at a time in 2 panels. You have to get target score to finish the level by managing not to lose 3 chances on any panel and within 1 minute.

Color Vs Brain: Colors are commonly used one for brain test. Here, the color List will be displayed for few seconds and colors will be shuffled, remember the colors by putting full concentration before shuffle and arrange them in the same order by dragging the items.

Memory Power: Memory power is really important for everyone. The game instruction is: Remember the objects which display only a few seconds and reenter them in the same sequence.

Left Vs Right Brain: This game really helps you to balance your left and right brain.

Updated: February 1, 2018 — 6:53 pm

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