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Best way to clear WhatsApp data and Save device space

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger application, the social media platform around this world. For official and personal use, we are choosing WhatsApp. WhatsApp follows very user-friendly methods and providing great features. It makes WhatsApp a unique platform to communicate with others. At the same time, WhatsApp users facing low device storage space. Nowadays, most of the Android devices have 64GB internal storage. WhatsApp app consuming less space for installation but it data needs more space from your device as per your WhatsApp usage.


If we send a video from your gallery to a WhatsApp contact, then WhatsApp creates a new file of that video and it saved in WhatsApp folders. But we actually not need the extra file in our device memory. This kind of file duplication consumes more space from our phone memory.

Now, WhatsApp providing an easy option to check how much space used for WhatsApp with all chat lists. WhatsApp status, media files like video, images, gifs, stickers and more from chats including Group chats, WhatsApp database, supporting files. These all need to occupy on your device.

Now, here I’m sharing the way to find how much space used by all WhatsApp chats. WhatsApp provides an option in settings to check data and storage usage. When you use this option, WhatsApp lists the chats with used space by descending order format.

Below Steps will explain how to clear WhatsApp data in a convenient way

  • Open WhatsApp Settings.
  • Here, you can see Account, Chats, Notification, Data and Storage usage, Help options.
  • Tap on the Data and storage usage option.
  • Here it displays network usage and storage usage. Also here you can change Media auto-download settings, Call settings as well.
  • Move to the Storage Usage option.
  • Then it will list your contacts with used storage space in descending order.
  • Just tap on a particular chat, it will display how much text messages, contacts, locations, number of photos, stickers, GIFs, Videos, Audio messages, and documents you shared in that chat.
  • In its bottom it provides you a FREE UP SPACE option.
  • Tap on the FREE UP SPACE option.
  • Then you can select the items.
  • Select the items to delete, and tap on DELETE ITEM. It will delete from your phone storage and get free space.
Updated: October 8, 2019 — 7:47 pm

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