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Best of video calling apps in play store


First, it was voice calls that used to connect people when the technologies started. Text messages came after that and after that chatting and messengers become common and they developed step by step whit lots of improvements. It was Skype which brought the video calling method to everybody and since then people could see and talk with them without any barrier where ever they might be. Video calling is now becoming a usual medium for talking to each other and messenger app is competing with each other, this lead to so many technologies and features that got added to the messenger. Here are some of the video calling apps that might help to achieve a quality video calling services.


Google Duo

The first thing that is said about Duo is that it is the reply towards Apples FaceTime. The app is very simple and that simplicity also came across its usage. The app is very simple all we want to do is to install it and register your number and it’s done. The app is ready to make a call for you anytime. The one main thing about Duo is that you can see the persons face even before you answer his/her call that means you get to know what the other caller doing or what is he up to. This feature can be turned off and it will block both your video as well as the person who is calling you. The app is very handy with an amazing audio clarity.


If you had heard about video calling then you knows about Skype that is for sure.  The features and the trust Skype brought toward users data security is the main reason that 250million and more are using this app. First, it was only concentrated in video calling but they have added texting space. The audio calling was there when it was introduced. It can provide you with a group call which can accommodate up to 25 people. The app can accommodate 300 people for group chat. The app is very clean and the video calling quality is amazing.

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The app is very useful with an app available with so many features. The app added so many improvements over time. The app provides a high-quality video calling with face masks and avatar to make you’re calling more interesting. The app will make the call more interesting with live games while having a video call. The app also provides features that are provided by another similar app like texting and sharing media. The app does not need more mentioning about the features the app is worth having on your smartphone.


This app was introduced long time ago and its still making changes and improving its features. It is now owned by AOL which was its competitor once and the chatting facility and video calls are amazing. The app also provides the user with 3D animated stickers which is usual thing in video calling. Other features it provides are the photo and video editor. The also said to have the feature that uses less data for high-quality video calling. The app is amazing with its features.


This app will be there on a smartphone with Android OS because of the reason it is owned by Google. The app is very simple and linked to your Email address you can also chat with it using your laptop or desktop. The app provides everything the technology have like texting, voice calling and video calling. The app also provides offline chat using the message balance in the users networking operator and also synchronizes the messages that come to the device or the network connection.

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Just Talk

The app is similar to other video calling app but focuses more on video calls rather than other features. The app lets you have 720p video calling to an extent and the app will synchronize with your Facebook account. The app is not much more than other app but it also has some features also. You can draw your ideas during the video call and also helps you to record video during the call. You can share images during the call and the feature continues like this. They claim to have double encryption that means the data you are sending are safe.

These are the apps from the long list of video calling app. Whatsapp, Hike are some other app everyone usually use. Even if they provide good quality video calling you can try one of these to experience more.

Updated: June 17, 2017 — 11:46 am

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