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Without Showing Number: Call to India for Free

Best free calling app without Showing caller id

If we can call others without showing our mobile number it may really give privacy. It is an awesome feature I think. And we can call others at a low rate or free, It really happy and interesting for all mobile phone users. For that, an application available in Google Play Store. Here I’m sharing further details of the best free calling app without showing caller id. First of all, I should say ‘Please use this app for only good purpose’. The app named Call India – IntCall. Let’s see more details.


Call India – IntCall – Best free calling app

The Call India – IntCall app developed by Telestar. It is a communication app. The Call India – IntCall allows users to call from any country in the world (including India) to India at a low rate. May your friends or family from Abroad, they can call you in this way. The application is not Free. Users have to pay some amount and buy it. You can get it through app purchase. The app will now be providing a five-minute free call to India for all new users. But it is a limited time offer.

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Call India – IntCall is a paid android application available in Google Play Store. But when we compared to other similar application, we can see it’s cost is very low. You can purchase it by paying 5 US Dollar. If you paying 5$, you can get 150 minutes as Free. The calls you make through ‘Call India’ application, it does not affect your service provider. So the call cost not added to your phone bill as well. However, you can use this app without having a sim card in your phone. When you install the application, you will get free 5 minutes call. So you can test it. If it good for you, then buy this application.

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Features of Call India app

  • It provides best sound quality and the user has to call at low rates.
  • The application uses VOIP, so the user does not need to have a sim card in their device to make the call. But should have an active internet connection.
  • It does not affect the service provider so the calls you make with Call India will not get charged by your service provider.
  • The app allows you to Show/hide your caller ID.
Updated: February 6, 2018 — 7:40 pm

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