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Ask Questions Get Answers online Using Google’s Neighbourly App

Ask Questions Get Answers online Using Google’s Neighbourly App

You can ASK QUESTIONS GET ANSWERS online using from Google or any that kind of search engines. But most of the search engines are failed to retrieve the local information of a place or a property. The search giant Google conducting some programs like Local Guide with Google maps to overcome this issue and deliver the relevant data to the user about a particular place or restaurant, park etc. But it’s not a complete solution to get the information about our nearby things. So Google introducing an app named Neighbourly, with this app you can ask questions get answers about your nearby things. This is an Android app currently available on Google Play Store. Let’s know more about this application.


Neighbourly: Ask Local Questions & Get Answers

Neighbourly is an Android app providing the option to ask questions and your neibourhoods will answer the questions. Currently, the app is available on Google Play Store under the Travel & local category of apps. App powered by Google. Neighbourly is currently an unreleased app and will be released soon. But you can now install the app from Google Play Store. In the development mode, it may be unstable, but you can use the app and write your suggestions or feedback on the Play Store review section. That helps the developers to modify the app as user-friendly.


We all know that our life is going with a give and take policy. We should help each other to live a better life. Most of the people are very positive and they have helping mentality. If you ask a favor to a person, they will do for you if they can. Google focusing this human mentality to develop this application. The Neighbourly app work as a mediator you can ask questions get answers from this app. In the normal case, you can’t ask questions to everyone but with this app, you can ask questions and anyone who know its relevant answer, they will give you the answer.

As a Neighbourly user, you can any local questions like The safest park for kids in this area? Any affordable maths private tuition around here? Any best ayurvedic chemist nearby?.. We are hard to find the best answer from a huge population, so this location-based app connects you to your community so you can get answers you trust. You can ask questions and also share your own advice to help others. With this application, you are perfectly up to date with your nearby areas. At the same time, the Neighbourly app keeps your privacy. You can ask questions get answers without sharing all of your personal information like your phone number, full name, and other contact information. All your personal information are completely private when using the app.

Updated: November 28, 2018 — 8:07 am

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