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Simple Apps simplifies the learning of Arabic Language

Learn Arabic Language

Learn a new language is sometimes difficult. Because every letters, words, sentence, pronunciation, type of writing is different for different languages. Here I suggest two Android apps that helps you to learn Arabic language easily.


Arabic Language

Arabic is a good and easy language to learn. But everyone thinks that it is very hard to learn. Arabic has 28 letters. The arabic writing is in clockwise direction that means it writes right to left. This is the major difference of arabic language. Because most of the languages writes from left to right but it quite in opposite direction. Actually arabic letters have only 5 basic shapes.

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If you can speak and write arabic fluently, it really helps when you are going to Gulf countries for job or any other program. The people are believes in Islam, they have learned arabic language in their childhood classes. The other one benefit of arabic language is it written in phonetically and every letters of arabic language is spelled as it actual sounds.

Spoken Arabic Malayalam 360

Spoken Arabic Malayalam 360, is an android app. That helps you to learn arabic language. If you like arabic? If yes, you can simply learn this beautiful language through this great app. The app helps you to learn arabic as the same time you can use it as a tourist guide, when you visit in arab countries it really helpful for you.It is completely free and you can install it from Google Play Store. The app have good user reviews on Google Play Store also.

Updated: September 29, 2017 — 4:10 am

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