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App Backup And Restore App for Android users

App Backup And Restore App for Android users

We already discussed lots of mobile apps and its usages. But Today I suggest an app for backup and restore apps. Your Android device may have many apps. Sometimes you need a factory reset or you may be buying a new phone, you need to download all your apps. In this situation, this backup and restore app will help you. If you backup your apps apk file by using this app, you don’t need to download your apps next time.


App Backup And Restore App

App Backup & Restore App is a best backup restore tool. With this app, you can backup your apps to SD card or cloud drive and can free up your phone internal storage. And also you can transfer your apps easily. If you backup your apps to your device internal storage, it may be lost while a factory reset will do. So keep it on SD Card or Cloud Drive. Also, an option is available for Auto Back-up & Restore multi-versions, by using this option you can avoid unnecessary updates. You may confuse this App Backup & Restore App backup apps data, but it only backup apk of apps. The user interface of this app is really good. So you can use it easily. Millions of users are currently using this app and it is also available on Google PlayStore with good user review.


Download App From Google PlayStore


Useful options available in App Backup And Restore App

  • Apk Extractor – Extract & Retrieve apk files and export as duplicates.
  • Apk Editor – Downgrade app versions if you dislike updated ones.
  • Apk Installer – Receive & Restore & Recover apk files after factory reset or in a new device.
  • Apk Assistant – Create your own local Playstore by backing app up.
  • Apk List Refresher – Auto refresh your app list.
  • Apk Sharer – Used Send and Receive apps with other devices.


Features of App Backup And Restore App mentioned on Google PlayStore

  • Backup Restore to Local by default And also to external SD card and Cloud drive.
  • Simple Backup & Restore to Cloud drive to keep multiple version
  • Scan apk & files on your device
  • Auto backing app up with notifications
  • Easy Backup apps without closing them
  • Show & Backup & Restore system apps
  • Schedule auto backup
  •  Auto List refresher
  • Show backups’ size & time & version & name
  • Protect backup & restore against deletion
  • Bulk & Batch backup restore, send receive, upload download
  • Upload & Download apps to at Google Drive, Dropbox, etc
  • Send & Share & Receive backups through Email or other channels
  • Overwrite & Downgrade & Backup old versions
  • Manage apps by installed/archived
  • Sort installed & archived by name, date, size
  • Show Local & SD card storage usage.

You can check more features and information about this app on Google PlayStore.

Updated: August 6, 2017 — 3:48 pm

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