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AlarMob – Anti-theft alarm: Protect your Device

AlarMob – An Anti Theft App

We all know that today lots of quality smartphones are available in the market. And most of them are highly expensive. The expensive items have always a chance for stolen. Like that, today lots of smartphones are stolen by thefts. And also, we have many options for finding them. If it switched off or battery removed any condition, we can find the device. Because that much the technology developed today. If we check for Anti theft app on Google play store, you can see lots of applications there. But finding the best one for your device is not really easy. The most of the applications have complex features and it asks for more permissions, and most of the applications are seems not reliable. So here I’m sharing an app named alarMob – Anti-theft alarm. It can protect your device easily.


alarMob – Anti-theft alarm

Today, lots of people handle their important documents within their personal smartphone. So the importance of anti-theft application is really high. The alarMob is an Anti theft app, it brings lots of good features like Proximity detector, Motion detector, Charger detector, Sim card change detector, Earphones detector, SD card detector etc. If you install this app on your device, you added a protection layer for your device. The app act by an alarm with sound loud and very bright flashing lights are produced. So you can catch the theft immediately. If you can’t catch at that moment, you don’t be panic. At the same time, the application is able to capture a photo of the theft and it send to the email address you already set within the app. So with the help of Police, you can get back your device from the fraud.

Let’s see the main features of the application

  • The app mainly used for protecting smartphones from the thief.
  • The app captures the photo of the thief using your front cam when they trying to steal your device. And it automatically sends to the email address you already provided.
  • Proximity detector: With this feature, the app is able to protect your phone when you are in a large crowded area like a party or event etc.
  • In motion detection mode, the phone triggers the alarm when anyone moves your phone from its location.
  • If you enable the charger detection mode, the application will trigger an alarm when someone removes the charger from the phone.
  • The alarm cannot stops when the device is turned off or make silent.
  • The user can provide the alarm ringtone.If the user sets a unique ringtone, the user can easily notice the alarm.


The app is currently available on Google Play Store with good user reviews. Try this application to protect your device.

Updated: December 19, 2017 — 6:47 pm

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