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This Android app allows to Create Custom Android Ransomware

This Android app allows to Create Custom Android Ransomware

Malware developers have created an Android app and it is available now for create custom android ransomware. The important factor is that no coding skill is required for creating custom Android ransomware with this app. So anyone can become a hacker and can create custom ransomware easily. Android phone is highly protected but lots of malware attacks are reported for the last few months. Because cyber criminals are smarter than old days and developing new malicious software every day.


Some reports says, this Android Ransomware development kit is being available on hacking forums and on Chinese markets. This Trojan Development Kit (TDK) app can be downloaded from this hacking forums. And this app has a very simple user interface. So anyone can easily create their own ransomware and this files can lock an Android device.

The Principal Threat Analysis Engineer at Symantec, Dinesh Venkatesan says, “The entire process of creating a ready-to-use piece of malware is done on a smartphone without any requirement to write a single line of code.”. And he said that the app has been available since the beginning of this year. Dinesh Venkatesan added that he spotted various ransomware strains generated by this app, as this app appears to build ransomware strains on the basis of the Lockdroid ransomware family.

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“Even hardened malware authors could find these easy-to-use kits an efficient alternative to putting the work in themselves,” Venkatesan said. “We expect to see an increase in mobile ransomware variants as these development kits become more widespread.”

The cyber criminal can buy this Trojan Development Kit from the hacking forum. The app contains very simple instructions, some forms with the customization options, for what message they want to display on the infected Android device lock screen, Which icon that would be used by the malware, the type of animation that can be displayed on the screen, and the key for unlocking the device etc.

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After filling the forms and complete the customisation options, the user can tap on the ‘create’ button and then they need to make a one-time payment to the developer of the app for creating ransomware. Then they attack the Android devices as they like.Then the Trojan Development Kit locks the infected device and displays a message to the victim. But the Android ransomware strains do not encrypt files but it locks the user device with the key that attacker decides during the process.  This app is helpful for the people who dreamed hacking as their job.

This message is for every Android users. You should care your device and keep the system software up to date. We got this information from some of the top technology related websites.

Updated: August 26, 2017 — 5:15 pm

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