Home Technology Why Google is the best search engine
Published On : Jan 03, 2017

Google is the top search engine always. Have you ever wondered why Google is the best search engine on the internet? It has several reasons. 99% of the people in this world aware about Google. We have so many Search Engines on the internet. But of all of them, Google


results to be the best.  Google is very user-friendly and it looks so simple makes peoples have widely used it.  When we search a sequence of text, Google gives the best result related to it. And the another advantage is Google search does not bombard users with too many advertisements. Google gives more priority to its search results than advertisements. The advertisements that Google displays its search results are useful advertisements because they are related to what a user has searched.

Google have a good variety of sources to choose from. Extremely, Google Search definitely reached millions of sites to choose from. Because Google keeps the largest database of web pages. And Google provides map search, and it should help you to get directions to wherever you need to go. Google search is fast and secure. And sometimes we searched for images or pictures, Google search can easily provide what we are looking for and it returnss the result very fastly.

Google search engine has very great programs that ‘crawl’ the internet in every second looking for upcoming Web pages and adding it to its database. When we searched the text, Google retrieved the relevant data from its database and display it. People commonly called the searching for a text as Googling, that much Google is the favorite search engine for everyone.