Home Apps Manage sim card messages : Google sms app
Published On : May 13, 2016

Google's SMS app (version 1.8.266), It sends and receives SMS messages, and can manage them too. Its newly updated version have special features to the ability to manage messages which are saved to the SIM card. It's not clear if the previous versions of Messenger could see these messages but


had no interface for displaying them. Our phone have little storage for storing sms, we can use the SIM card for saving messages instead of phone. If we changed our phone to a new one. the messages are having in sim card so we have nothing lost. We can't store huge number messages in SIM cards.The amount of sms stored in a sim card is different. Generally its less than 50.

This messenger tool used for managing SIM card messages is barebones. It will show any messages currently on the SIM card and allow them to be deleted.