Home Apps How To Speak Arabic Easily
Published On : Jan 01, 2017

Everyone thinks that Arabic is a difficult language to learn. Arabic appears like hard to learn but actually it is not a difficult language. Arabic has an alphabet of 28 letters. Letters are joined up. There are actually only 5 basic shapes. Writing goes clockwise, from right to left, which


for many people is easier than writing left to right as it involves pushing the pen, not pulling it. 

Everyone face this issue when they prepared to go for gulf countries for their job. Apart from Islamic believers, other people may not know this language. To live and earn in a country it is essential to understand the language. 

    Learning Arabic involves learning an entirely new alphabet, once learned, you can benefit from the fact that Arabic is written phonetically, so every word is spelled exactly as it sounds, and there is no correct intonation to learn in Arabic, as all syllables are equally stressed. Arabic certainly has its fair share of challenges but you might find that it’s a whole lot easier to understand and get along with than you had thought.

  We have a lot of solutions for learning Arabic easily. And today I suggest an android app for easily follow the Arabic language. The android app named Spoken Arabic Malayalam 360. The Spoken Arabic Malayalam 360 is built in such a way that is very much useful to its users. This app is not only build to learn the language but also helps tourists when they are visiting any Arabic nations. Sightseers, representatives, business persons can make full use of this app. Spoken Arabic Malayalam 360 is completely free and it is available in Google Play Store

 The way it works is you can say the word to the app, and it will translate the word into Malayalam so that you can learn it. If you want to check the Malayalam word in Malayalam, you can hear the Arabic sound after touching the mic button showed on the screen. Not only that there is described how to say the Arabic word in Malayalam. So you can hear and read at the same time it will provide the user double benefit.
             The app is very easy to use. If you install it, you can see the icons saying talk, word, practice, speak, etc. The talk button will help you in case you are looking for a word which you know how to pronounce. The app will give the meaning which you require. You can practice with this app after you learn any words which will help you to improve the language. Just use it and see the magic in your language.