Home Technology How to fix Google Play store errors on Android phones
Published On : Oct 12, 2016

Lots of peoples used android phones. Sometimes the Google Play store shows some errors while downloading or installing an app.Most of the peoples not aware of it. Today we discussed Google Play store errors 
on Android phones and how to fix it easily. The Play Store errors commonly caused due to


Google Play Store updates, Google cache issues, Google Play Store stored data issues or Google account issues. First of all, we should know the most common errors appearing on google Play Store.

Google Play store Errors

  • Error Code 491 : Download And Upload impossible
  • Error Code 498 : Interruption of downloads from Play Store.
  • Error Code 923 : Error while syncing Google account or insufficient cache memory.
  • Error Code 921 : Cannot download the app.
  • Error Code 927 : Download error because a Play Store update is in progress.
  • Error Code 101 : Download error because of installed many apps on the device.
  • Error Code 481 : Error in Google Account
  • Error Code 911 : The app could not be downloaded due to an error 911.
  • Error Code 919 : Cannot install any apps
  • Error Code 941 : While trying to run updates

I just mentioned some google play store error codes and its reason above.
We can Solve this issues by some easy tricks.

1. Stop App, Clear Cache, and Data

 First of all, you should remove your google account from the device.
   Settings >> Accounts and Google >> Tap on Remove account. 
   Reboot your device and add google account once again.
   Then move to Settings >> Apps >> All apps >> Google Services >> Click on
   Clear Data and Force Stop

2.Check your date and time settings

Google Play store needs your device date and time. If the Play store does not get a time then it could cause some errors. Normally it's very time-consuming process when Google's servers responding with this issue.

To fix this issue, go to your Settings, under System you should see Date and Time. commonly everyone set it as automatic date and time 
provided by your network. If it isn't just tapped to on it and check the Play store is working properly. if it isn't set the date and time manually.

3. Install the latest version of Google PlayStore application.

You must check your Google Play store version is up-to-date. If it is an old version just update it. Because the most current version of the software is always most stable.

 Go to the Google Play Store app and click on the menu button then tap on Settings and under the General you can see your Google PlayStore app  updates. Checked it the Auto-update apps.

4. Check your disabled apps

   Sometimes we just disable any of the apps some other apps not functioning properly. Most of the case was true when you're dealing with system apps like the Google Play Store.  

For solve, it, Go to your Settings and Application manager or Apps and scroll to the bottom. This is where disabled apps end up. If you see any disabled apps, just go into these and tap to Enable it.