Home Technology Facebook now introduces marketplace - You can buy and sell with your local community
Published On : Oct 03, 2016

Examples of social media ? everyone having the first answer is non-other than facebook. Yea, facebook population increase day by day. And also a good percentage of peoples can earn with the help of facebook. Now facebook introduces a marketplace. Already people have been using facebook to buying and selling


with each other.  This buying and selling started in Facebook Groups and now it has a massive grow in its graph.  450 million above people visit buy and sell groups in each month.

Facebook now introduces a marketplace, most perfect destination to discover buy and sell items with people in your local community.  Facebook already announced it in 2007, but it didn't really happen. At last, in 2015 it began appearing for some iOS users, and earlier this year, on Android also. Now Facebook has released the feature publicly, on both Android and iOS.

To visit Marketplace, just tap on the shop icon at the bottom of the Facebook app and start exploring.

How to Buy the item

  • The home page of the marketplace has photos of items that people near you have listed for sale. If you want something specific, just search at the top and it filters your results by location, category or price for your needs. 
  • If you like an item then, tap on the image to know more details from the seller, like  product description, about the seller etc. And you can contact the seller directly through facebook marketplace.

Some simple steps to post your item for sale

  • Upload the image of your product.
  • Enter a product name, description, and price
  • Confirm your location and select a category
  • Post

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