Home Technology Facebook new update gives you HD video upload, PIP and more to fb Android App
Published On : Dec 13, 2016

Facebook is adding some great video related features newly into its Android app through an update. This update gives a lot new features aimed at making it easier for users to view videos even when using different apps. This new update mentioned by the popular tech website Android Police. Here


in this update facebook introduce the ability to change the view quality, and users can upload HD quality videos.

Already iOs users can upload the HD resolution videos, and now it's introduced for Android users also. Android users have an option like 'Upload videos in HD'  under the app Settings for upload HD videos to Facebook. And the biggest part of the update is not only HD video upload, and it is mainly focused on another feature is, after this update Facebook users can get the ability to view a video even if you are using another app on your smartphone.Dubbed Picture-In-Picture, the feature works similarly to Messenger's chat heads functionality. Facebook is a very growing social media. And they under working in some great ideas, that are coming soon. Facebook is now testing 'Express Wi-Fi' in partnership with BSNL in rural areas of the country India. 

For Read. Express Wi - Fi In India by Facebook. 

And a great marketplace they build already. Day by day Facebook gives big opportunity to their users. Also have some bug reporting recently in several media reports, some Facebook users have complained of old photos and posts appearing on their timeline without their permission. And some users have complained that the glitch appeared soon after they updated the Facebook app on iOS. And Facebook very seriously has taken the bugs.