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Published On : Nov 21, 2016

Now we are discussed how to get the details about Sevana pension. Early stage we should go to the government office to know the details about Sevana pension.  We are all know that today our world is a digital world. We stored everything in digital format and easy to handle


the data. So the paper works are gradually decrease. Now our government services are also smart. They give the informations are in digital format. So we can get it easily if we have a mobile phone with a good internet connection.  Everyone have a mobile phone today. If you have not, the service also available in the akshaya center.And you can check it the sevana pension details online.

You can check the pension details, status, amount of money transferred etc.. using sevana pension website - the social security system, Govt. of Kerala.Only by entering aadhaar number or pensioner id or account number or reference number. Just logon to the website of sevana pension and entering this details and submit it, then you can check all the details about sevana pension.

You can check these details in Sevana pension website, the social security system, Govt. of Kerala.

1. Basic details of the pensioner
2. Pension Type
3. Pensioner ID
4. Pension amount
5.Status of pension
6. Details of bank account for pension
7. Details about amount of money transferred to your account.

How to check it?

1. Visit the Sevana pension website by click here
2. Entering the pensioner id or aadhar number or reference number or account number
3. Entering the capcha code and logon your account.
4. Now, you can check the details you need.

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